Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Black truffle ramen from Kanshoku Ramen Bar

As far as I could gather, Kanshoku (#01-06 Orchard Central, 277 Orchard Road, tel : +65 6384 4770) is formed by two local guys. Not that I don't support the local guys venturing out into foreign food, but my opinion is that their shop brought nothing new to the table considering that there's already loads of ramen shops around. And already, a handful of those shops are clearly superior (read as something I prefer) to this one. I know it's Dutch pork for the charshu, Japanese egg for the ajitama and Hakata styled noodles made in house; it doesn't change the status quo that I described, no?

Yes, I've tried their tonkotsu bowl. It's passable as an average unexciting bowl. Some would think it's a little thin and lacks robustness. But maybe it's the style that they're going for. The only thing from the menu that was different was their black truffle bowl. It's not shaven black truffle if you're wondering. It's the jarred variety and perhaps some truffle oil. I thought that the flavour of the bowl lacks finesse. With nothing but two really thin slices of aburi-ed charshu to go along, it was a little expensive too.

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