Monday, February 11, 2019

East Treasure Chinese Restaurant (東寶之東方明珠), Clark Quay

I don't know how long this restaurant has been around but it looked relatively new. I was pretty surprised that East Treasure (Clarke Quay, Block B, #01-16, 3 River Valley Road, tel : +65 6252 4645) was managed by the folks behind Astons. Yeap, it's that Aston Group that has the Steak & Salad, Chic-a-boo and Javier's.

Hawthorne sweet and sour pork was not bad. I liked that there was a mix of meat and fat in those pieces of pork. We also couldn't shake off the thought that we've had better done ones elsewhere. This one didn't hold the crisp well.

There's a herbal crocodile soup on menu. This was nice. It wasn't too heavy with the herbs and there was lots of pepper in the broth of savoury sweet. As well as slurpy tendon-y cartilage-y parts from the crocodile.

That's stir fried chive flowers. The dish was a little sweeter than I had imagined. Didn't like it.

Soy sauce chicken with Chinese rose wine was pretty good. This was expertly done with the flavours infused into the skin and the meat on the bird was tender.

Fried rice was not bad. The bits of pork in them didn't have any flavour though. For some reasons, eating this reminded me of Chinatown Special which I thought had better fried rice.

So the sambal helped. This sambal tasted like the ones that was used in the crystal dumpling stall from the old Tiong Bahru market.

There was a KL styled Hokkien mee. Pretty disappointing. Not much fragrance from the dark soy sauce and lard. Those tiny bits of lard that were in the noodles also didn't taste like they were deep fried.

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