Friday, November 16, 2007

Chocolate and banana prata from Spize

I've passed this place (409 River Valley Road) on several occasions, but never really stopped by until today. And I realised that this location is probably really good for the post-clubbing crowd in the vicinity. The menu at Spize essentially featured commonly found local Muslim food like mee gorengs, pratas and et cetera. There is a variety of pratas on the menu which includes some of the common renditions, specialties and dessert pratas. I tried the chocolate and banana prata which turned out to be pretty much how I thought it might have been. This was actually not bad. Semi melted banana slices and chocolate sauce drizzled generously over the top of a freshly made prata. The crispy surface doesn't stay so for very long though.


Anonymous said...

oo i always went there..the favorite would be chicken and cheese mutabak ...i always have it with iced teo cino... damn superb ...oooo feel like eating the mutabak nw ..other than that ..satay also not bad

Anonymous said...

The chocolate may work to get the "ang moh" to eat prata.. ;) plus my brat of course.. ;) banana pratas are my favourite...!