Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goat's cheese salad, Irish stew and fish & chips

Dinner at Molly Malone's again. I thought the goat's cheese salad on toast here was pretty good if you're into pungent cheeses. The stinky cheese had enough kick plus it was rich and slightly creamy. The salad it came with was nicely tossed. Dressing had a clean taste in spite of appearing like Thousand Island.

I don't really know what's definitive about Irish stews but I'm guessing it's the lamb and root vegetables like onions, potatoes and carrots. And Guinness. That's the impression I have of them anyway and this one was actually not bad. The lamb was pretty tender. The stew was served with a bowl of real mashed potatoes which were delicious. By real, I meant that it did not come from powder. It's just a hundred percent finely mashed potatoes with some butter where the earthy taste was still detectable.

It's kinda tough to find good fish and chips here. These ones at Molly Malone's are probably one of the better ones I've had around. Other memorable mentions include Fisherman's Wharf and the next in line would actually be Fish & Co already. I'll have to try the Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro to draw another line of comparison. The menu here states pacific dory and it's a nice fish and chips with crispy batter. The fish was served hot and came in pretty good portions. For $16, I would say that it's decently priced. Doesn't the golden brown beckon to you?

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