Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hup Choon Seafood, Binjai Park

I was brought here once by a friend previously to this stall (1 Binjai Park, tel : +65 6468 4081) sequestered along a Y junction a little off the main Bt Timah road. I had thought that the food here was a rather good representation of local cookery (cze char) coupled with very affordable prices. The food was not different or fancy in any sense, there were the dishes commonly seen in such stalls and were rather well executed.

Hup Choon Eating House, sweet sour pork

Sweet and sour pork was fried before being stir fried in the sauce. This left the pieces of meat with an outer layer coated with the sweet and sour sauce and yet was still a little crisp. This was one of the dishes I had the first time I was here and it's one of the better done ones I've had around.

Hup Choon Eating House, prawn paste chicken

The prawn paste mid wings were also well fried without excessive grease in the battered skin. Unfortunately, the flavour of the prawn paste could have done with a little more strength. What I personally liked about this was that the meat was quite easily removed from the bones without the use of fingers.

Hup Choon Eating House, oyster omelette

Oyster omelette was pretty decent with a good portion of the smallish fat oysters scattered into the fried egg. Again, I enjoyed this because it wasn't overly oily and the eggs were not fried to death.

Hup Choon Eating House, butter squid

These butter squids didn't taste very buttery at all and were in fact, just battered squid that were again, nicely fried with a crispy exterior and a hint of garlic and chilli.

Hup Choon Eating House, kang kong

Suitably greasy and spicy, the sambal kang kong was both crunchy and flavourful. I've had some pretty bad soggy greens from this dish on various occasions in the past and this was definitely not one of those knock offs.

Hup Choon Eating House, spinach mushrooms

Another obligatory vegetable dish of stir fried abalone mushrooms and spinach.

Hup Choon Eating House, rice

For a table of six with a round of drinks and rice, the bill came up to a mere $58. Very little for me to complain here. If not for the fact that this was a little out of the way, I could see my us coming down with some regularity.


HairyBerry said...

Gosh, the sweet and sour pork looks smashing! It's not easy to find a version that's not drenched in a pool of sweet and sour sauce, so this is promising. The colour's not too red too, a sign that it's not only ketchup. Great intro. Hope to visit one day!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey Nic,
There's another place down at Sembawang, Sum's Kitchen that does a reasonably good sweet and sour pork too. Though most people visit that place for their roast duck, their slightly vinegar-ish tasting sweet and sour pork are not bad I think. Chef's previously from Hong Kong.