Monday, May 03, 2010

Hometown Kitchen (家鄉小廚)?

家鄉小廚, People's Park Complex

What got my attention from 家鄉小廚 at People's Park Complex (#01-67/68 People's Park Complex, 1 Park Road) was the queue that was snaking out for what was claimed to be freshly steamed Shan Dong baos (山东包) - which were essentially steamed buns with meat and/or vegetable fillings or not. It took me passing by a couple of times before I gave in to curiosity and decided to give it two gos.

These steamed buns came in three configurations of meat and vegetables, just vegetables and those that do not come with fillings. Apparently, the queues that form outside the stall are mostly for the ones with fillings and each freshly steamed batch lasts only for minutes before they're sold out. The taste of these buns weren't too bad at all with generous minced meat fillings dripping with juices. The skin however wasn't of the light fluffy variety that I was hoping for. What further interested me to this place was the sides of dishes which one could order to eat alongside the steam buns. Notably tasty were the lightly salted and very crunchy long beans, spicy and springy dried bean curd skin and interestingly, marinated pig ears that had a mix of both meaty and crunchy texture from the cartilage.

家鄉小廚, People's Park Complexpork tripe, beef tripe and long beans

家鄉小廚, People's Park Complexpork tripe, pig ears and strips of dried bean curd skin (tau kee)

家鄉小廚, People's Park Complex家鄉小廚, People's Park Complexinnards of the pork and onion bun

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