Sunday, April 24, 2011

Old Hong Kong Kitchen, Square 2

After three visits, I'd have to say that there are definitely things going on around here (10 Sinaran Drive, #02-80 Novena Square 2, tel : +65 6397 7023) that I liked. In spite of a poor show of staples like the ubiquitous char siew bao which was really a tad dry with the fillings and hard on the skin, we managed to find some redemptive items that made us return.

I certainly didn't mind the competently done har gao nor the XO sauce carrot cake that wasn't overly greasy and was well textured with the accompanied egg and crunchy bean sprouts. And I definitely did like the bean curd skin wrap with chicken, fish maw, pig stomach and mushrooms along with their collagen filled shark cartilage soup with conpoy and fish maw wanton. The latter two of which have become my regular favorites.

The plate of colorful stuff was supposed to be sauteed scallops with a goose liver sauce. What I didn't quite expect was that it consisted of mostly bell pepper fillers. It was a mistake that will not be repeated for sure.

This place is probably a little pricier than Imperial Treasure which I feel does a very good job of dim sum, but not so much that I wouldn't consider them again when I feel like a little change. Maybe I could try dinner another time too.

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