Friday, September 14, 2012

Taka No Tsume from Ramen Champion at T3

Here's a new contender for this year's Ramen Champion, Taka No Tsume from Chiba at Changi Terminal 3 (65 Airport Boulevard, #B2-58 Changi Airport Terminal 3, tel : +65 6214 2958). Or rather a bowl of their Takanotsume Ramen Deluxe with Sichuan styled sauce. In localspeak, spicy chicken chop noodles.

What's loaded in the bowl of milky chicken and pork broth were crunchy cabbages, bean sprouts, wood ear fungus, eggplant, minced meat and the something not usually seen in most Japanese ramen, deep fried chicken thigh cutlet. All these with a wad of chewy yellow noodles of medium thickness. One can definitely imagine the play of textures from all the ingredients. I admit to liking the crispy fried chicken dipped generously with mayo and I can imagine it to become an uncommon guilty pleasure for me there. The challenge of course would be to have them finished before they all turn soggy from the soup.

I had found the broth to be rather flat tasting with a moderate dose of spiciness and aroma from the Sichuan peppercorn flavors. That opinion did not really change by the time I was done with the noodles, but there was something about that broth, that drew me in with each spoonful in spite of the lack of deep impressions. Before I knew it, I had pretty much drained the bowl of it. How did that happen?

They have a Mapo fried chicken don which I don't mind checking out the next time.

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