Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tapas at 126

Wan Tou Sek (126 Eating House, 126 Sims Ave, tel : +65 67464757, +65 67454869) is a local hotspot for rustic dim sum that has managed to evade my mentions even though I've eaten there on a few occasions. What makes the place a magnet is that it's open 24 hours daily and the food options have no lack in variety. Here's a short on one of the visits which just scratches the surface of the menu.

Wan Tou Sek, century egg porridge
century egg porridge

Century egg porridge could be considered a staple in dim sum joints. Find myself liking this bowl quite a bit. What I particular enjoy is the light clarity of rice perfumed with sesame oil and scatterings of the spring onions. There's pretty generous portions of century eggs in there as well.

Wan Tou Sek, char siew bao
char siew bao

Another main stay of dim sums. The taste of the barbequed pork fillings was nicely caramelised with sweetness and slight smokiness. Definitely not mediocre like some.

Wan Tou Sek, pork belly rolls
pork belly rolls

The skins of these are the same flour used for the char siew bao. Those are rolled thinly, draped onto strips of sweet marinated pork belly and steamed to the point where the fat is soft and melting. Definitely to be enjoyed hot.

Wan Tou Sek, chicken claws
steamed chicken claws

These sweet and savoury steamed claws weren't shabby at all. The soft and flavourful skin came off the bone pretty easily.

Wan Tou Sek, chee cheong fun
chee cheong fun

I believe the sweet brown gravy for the rice rolls at 126 are unique. I've never had anything like or similar to them anywhere else and they're the reason why I like them here. Another item to be enjoyed piping hot.

Wan Tou Sek, steamed pork ribs
steamed pork ribs

Pork ribs here bolstered by fatty meat and lots of garlic.

Wan Tou Sek, otah

The steaming otahs here were spicy, lemongrass-y and packed with fish meat. Need I also say, delicious?

Wan Tou Sek, glutinous rice
glutinous rice

I was initially a little wary of the glutinous rice since they appeared dry rather than plump and moist. Upon first taste, I found them to be a very nicely done rendition. The fried shallots added flavour upon flavour.

Wan Tou Sek, steamed chicken
deceptively named as just steamed chicken

This was just described as steam chicken on the menu - which was an injustice to a steamed chicken that was cooked to the point where the meat was tender and easily fell off the bone. There was a balanced herbaceous sweetness that was present in the meat and the jus at the base. Great dish to order with rice.

Wan Tou Sek, deep fried frog legs
deep fried frog legs

Might have found the frog leg rendition of Ikea's deep fried chicken wings here. The flavours on the fried exterior were deliciously savoury.
Wan Tou Sek, deep fried pig intestines
deep fried pig intestines

Crispy, savoury and chewy these were. Definitely one of my favourite things to order here.

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