Friday, September 21, 2012

The Cajun Kings, Jalan Riang

This visit to The Cajun Kings (15-1 Jalan Riang, tel : +65 6284 4426) was a first on a few levels for me. For one, I believe that there has yet to be a Louisiana/Creole fashioned seafood boil establishment on our local shores before as I can remember. And I'm eating Dungeness crabs for the first time!

What can one expect from this joint you ask? A focused smattering of shellfish like clams, lobsters prawns and crabs along with Cajun-y sides of dirty rice, spicy gumbo and deep fried okra to name a few for starters.

Wading through our first dips, some of the deeper impressions were their thick, hearty and spicy gumbo which was another first for me. Having no basis for comparison, I would venture to guess that they're probably as good as the original stuff gets since recipes as such are often sundered to myriads of renditions. The chopped liver filled dirty rice gets a thumbs up for flavors and I certainly had no complains for the buttermilk frog legs. Except maybe larger portions?

Seafood was great. Those Red Sea prawns were so fresh that the natural sweetness of the shellfish shone through a rich sambal sauce that had already packed a respectable amount of heat. I think the trade off with Dungeness crabs versus the regular mud crabs are their smaller claws; in comparison with the latter which tends to be "meatier". However, there're loads more meat in the legs. Freshly executed from the tank with dips of lime and salt/pepper to go with.

I hadn't enjoyed eating this messy in a while.


Anonymous said...

all the seafood here looked really good!

Yulia said...

Do you remember what the prices are like? Is it more like $50/pax, or more?

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi Yulia,

It's more than $50/pax for these. Plus a beer, it was around $86-87/pax or thereabouts.