Thursday, January 03, 2013

Tendon only from Hong Heng Beef Noodles

Hong Heng Beef Noodles, tendon kuey teow

Something has happened to Hong Heng (#01-16 Kebun Baru Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio St. 22)? It's been only two visits since they've moved to the current location but the beef balls that they're using no longer taste as good and the chilli sauce has definitely changed. Not for the better in my opinion. I liked the old ones much better. On the bright side, I've discovered that they do a tendon only option for their noodles and since they chilli was no longer appealing, a squeeze of lime did wonders to the beefy broth.

What's happening to their magical touch?

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XY said...

I've been eating beef noodles from Hong Heng since I was a kid and I'm sad to say the recipe has changed tremendously over the years (and not for the better). I have stopped eating ever since (unless I'm desperately craving for beef noodles near my place).