Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mapo don from Ohsho

Ohsho, mapo don

I've had mapo tofu a number of times and have never known much about them except for their origins from the province of Szechuan. I'm guessing that the local renditions taste nothing like the ones that would originate from a place known for fiery lip numbing flavours. No real real basis of comparison against the original dish that I could make for the one from Ohsho except that which I've had locally.

Ohsho did what I thought to be a pretty regular tasting rendition marked by the flavour of fermented bean sauce, possibly vinegar resulting in a tanginess and some heat. That together with tofu and minced pork for additional bite and texture. The combined spicy and sour were appetizing, allowing me to overlook the starchy gravy that I generally tend to dislike. This would actually make one pretty comforting cold weather meal. If it only ever got that cold around Ohsho.

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