Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bottle Tree Park Seafood Restaurant, Lorong Chencharu

No, we did not have any seafood at all even though this place was a purported seafood restaurant (81 Lorong Chencharu, tel : +65 6759 7077) and there were indeed tanks of live fishes and crustaceans around. In fact, we played things safe because we were told not to have too high of expectations.

As it turned out, it wasn't as bad as we might have imagined. The food was rustic in presentation and the quality was really passable that I wouldn't slap them off as mediocre. In fact, their fried pork from the sweet & sour pork dish (with cool green maraschino cherries, dragonfruit and lychee!) was excellent and competently done with a nice crusty exterior and tender juicy meat on the inside. The sauce didn't overwhelm the natural flavors of the meat. Having a venison dish that tasted like venison has also put this joint above half the cze char stalls in this country. How bad can that be?

Sure we've had better. If I had to gripe, it would probably be how much they charged for their food. For these standards, they definitely don't go easy on the wallet.

tofu with minced meat, pork floss and seaweed

pineapple fried rice

kang kong stir fried with garlic

sweet and sour pork with fruits

venison in pineapple


FoodieFC said...

I went when they first open. The food was terrible. And the price they charge was so high. Even plain water was 50cents. And their food was so salty.

I never went back since then haha.

LiquidShaDow said...

Well, it seems that they aren't as bad as I hear these days, so that's looking up. The prices are still a little steep for that type of food though.

I've also read that the land will have to go back to the government soon. No?

ah Teo said...

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