Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blue skies and mentaiko cream

Wow, did the winds of change blow in our favor today. The sudden return of clear skies made things look pretty HD. So much has been taken for granted that we didn't realise until it got all smoggy. Like eating out which became a whole lot more daunting a task with everyone not feeling well and not wanting to be out anywhere outside of work.

This was a trip down to Meidi Ya for some grocery top up and hence a quick dinner as well. Pecori is still around fortunately and they've finally gotten round to serving their mentaiko cream rice with shrimps like they show in the menu. Sushi Ikeikemaru still has that crazy queue at dinner time and I'm buying stuff to fill up the space in the fridge which we've been trying hard to free up. Seems like normalcy has returned for a bit.

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