Sunday, June 23, 2013

Coocci Contemporary Japanese, Commonwealth Crescent Market

smoked chicken

The operative word for this stall (#02-92, Commonwealth Crescent Market, 118 Commonwealth Crescent) is 'contemporary'. Beyond aesthetics which are nice by the way, it was a little difficult for me to categorise this as Japanese food and I probably wouldn't have recognized it as such if not for the name of the stall. Even the short grained rice that they used was not sticky at all, which was unusual there.

chicken roulade

Now that we've gotten past the superficial, the food was pretty good and good value as well. Be it their light and tender apple wood smoked half spring chicken that was aromatic in tandem with some black pepper or the torched chicken roulade that arrived with somen in a lightly sweet and savoury broth of pumpkin and chicken. The tori nanban laced with tartar sauce was pretty decent too. For what they were charging, their food, especially that smoked chicken certainly represented unbeatable value.

tori nanban

For what appeared to be a two person show in the stall, I'd give them marks for effort, given all the preparation they had to do. Certainly no qualms revisiting if I'm in the vicinity. 


Yulia said...

Did the food live up to the hype?

LiquidShaDow said...

I'm not sure what hype has been built up of this place, but I've only read a Yahoo article on it. I like what they do so far and wouldn't mind going back to try more of their food.