Saturday, June 29, 2013

Skirt, W Singapore

Skirt, W Singapore

Skirt is a lovely place (21 Ocean Way, tel : +65 6808 7278). A contemporary-ish steak joint clad in some swank facing the marina, that houses an  Argentinian parilla and their own ageing cabinets for cuts of meat from various sources. Great smiley service. Have been wanting to come here since I first heard of them.

Skirt, bread
bread with chorizo oil and seaweed dip

The seaweed dip works with their freshly toasted bread. To be tried to understand.

Skirt, roasted tomato soup
roasted tomato, basil soup

Skirt, vegetables roquefort
grilled baby vegetables, Roquefort

Skirt, beef tongue
braised and grilled beef tongue, shallot, scallion, beef salt

We started with some soup, grilled baby vegetables with some crumbled pungent Roquefort and beef tongue. No real complains here, but I think I would have been more impressed if the soup was smoked tomato rather than just roasted.

sheathed weapons for the real battle...looks so druidic

Skirt, donald russell tenderloin
Donald Russell Irish Grass fed Hereford 21 days dry aged tenderloin

This was meat from a Hereford cattle, branded by Donald Russell. If you're wondering what does that mean, it's generally a recognition for meat that's dry aged for 3 weeks on the bone. The cows graze on grass mostly and are certified to have no growth or appetite hormones administered in their diet or any other form.

Which means what? That one is eating meat that's organic and natural as far as an administration can ascertain that's matured for great flavoring. Fluff aside, it was a lovely cut of tenderloin, done in a good spot of none too bloody medium rare.

Skirt, asparagus
asparagus, quail egg, burnt butter

The asparagus from the sides were fresh and crunchy. The burnt butter was unsalted and hence, a bore without additional condiments.

Skirt, blackmore wagyu skirt
Blackmore Australian full blood 9+ Wagyu skirt

Blackmore full blood is pedigreed from Wagyu that doesn't contain any inferior bloodline in the family tree. In short, the cream of bovine as far as quality categorization goes. The skirt was lovely, intensed in flavoring with minimal fat. Possibly not the best cut to get one's eyes glazed over for Wagyu, but still pretty enjoyable meat there.

Skirt, granny smith apple crumble
some flamed Granny Smith apple crumble

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