Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some cheese crusted steaks from Chili's

Every once in a while, something draws me back to Chili's. This time round, it's their cheese crusted steaks which seem to be something on menu for a limited period. Something totally unimaginatively appealing. Were they any good? I think I like the fragrance of the Parmesan crust much better than the cheddar bacon. More crust would have been great as well.

While Chili's does not serve the most memorable food out there, they're what they are.  Honestly, there seems to be little room for complaints; however I need to get this off my chest. They don't serve very good beef here. I've had better for sure. For less as well. In fact, for what they had charged here after discounts, I could've eaten at Aston's twice. No cheese crust of course, but much better bang for buck quality of meat and flavor. 

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