Friday, September 13, 2013

Rajah Inn, Tiong Bahru Plaza

We have passed by this place (302 Tiong Bahru Road #02-13/14/15, Tiong Bahru Plaza, tel : +65 6835 0080) at least a couple of times before and had never really paid attention until the last time when we realised that there was actually a porridge buffet going on and that the spread was actually rather decent looking. So we came here to eat at the next opportunity to be in the vicinity.

For less then ten bucks, a modest spread of staple dishes that can be found commonly in Teochew porridge stalls with sweet potato porridge, fried bee hoon and fried rice. I actually liked most of the things we had, including that braised pork belly at the end that surprisingly had fats that dissolved in the mouth and the not so spicy, but lemak laden chicken curry. Don't come here expecting to be blown away by the food. It's a small simple selection of properly prepared comfort food that's familiar. 


estelar said...

mmm looks great ! :)

DerrickTan said...

That is consider really cheap for porridge buffet.