Sunday, September 22, 2013

Itacho Sushi's new spot and blue fin tuna

Itacho Sushi has been working on their new outlet (ION Orchard, #B3-20) for a while now and it's finally opened recently. It seems that they've decided to up the publicity factor by introducing a limited offering of bluefin tuna on their menu which one can have on sushi, sashimi or even a don.

On hindsight, the regular bluefin slices tasted the best. These guys here aren't exactly the most skilled at doing aburi-ed anything and any other add on anything else simply detracts from the natural flavors of the fish. Say, aren't they suppose to be on the endangered list or something?

Moving away from tunas, there's mantis shrimp and snow crab on sushi now. The shrimp was actually pretty tasty and sweet even though I suspect it's been frozen. As for the snow crab.....don't waste your money.

mantis shrimp 

bluefin roll 


kani miso

tamago with seaweed

assortment of bluefin tuna, hamachi, Kagoshima wagyu 

bluefin toro

snow crab 

cod liver

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