Sunday, February 02, 2014

Island Cafe has updated their menu

And in the process, they seemed to have taken off the prawn noodles and my favourite drink as well. I'm not sure if this was for the better or worse, but it seems like the management felt that a refresh was in order and some of the newer items look a lot more up to date, especially in the western section of the menu where I spied cod & chips and even Reuben sandwiches.

The Hokkien mee was something carried over from the old menu, I've never had it so it was a first time. And last. There wasn't a robust enough flavour in the stock that was used to stir fry the noodles and the grilled prawn was dry and puny. The only thing that saved it was the squeezes of lime and their chilli. What's new was the wagyu beef with black bean sauce hor fun which was actually, not bad at all. The sauce was flavourful with mild tones of heat.

However the wagyu label has a way of diluting the experience by virtue of its name. If they had just called this beef hor fun, I would probably have thought that this is pretty damned good since they didn't use any tenderiser that I could detect. So in effect, one got what tasted to be naturally tender pieces of meat that tasted like beef rather than an unidentifiable protein matter with barely any meat texture.

had this twice....I recommend it

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