Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lunch at Au Jardin

I'm gonna keep this short. In truth, I thought that the brunch was better bang for the buck even if it costed more. But what I liked about the lunch at Au Jardin were their seafood options for the starters and mains. The mud crab and the scallops namely, which were excellent and very nicely flavored with truffle mayo or reduction. I know that truffle has gotten old of recent years and the market is filled with the alchemied cheap stuff, but these aren't that.

The foie gras and striploin was really just passable. Those, I had expected better.

pan fried foie gras, petite salad, caramelized apple, verjus sauce

mud crab with Ratte potato salad, Avruga caviar, black radish and truffle mayonnaise

roasted black Angus striploin (200 days grain fed), caramelized root vegetables, sweet corn puree and shallot sauce 

Hokkaido scallops a la plancha with “sunny-side up” egg, seasonal mushrooms and truffle reduction

this was so good

“Matcha” with citrus mousse and ice cream 
“Chocolate Fondant” 

un café

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