Saturday, February 15, 2014

Monster Curry, ION Orchard

The curry from Monster Curry does remind me of Go!Go!Curry! which was the previous tenant of this unit. Both shops made thick and rich Japanese curry that was more nutty and sweet and packed relatively little heat. Now I'm not insinuating that this place is possibly the same one that's been repackaged with a new look and menu, the wifi scanning from my phone still picked up the GoGo Curry network somewhere while I was seated at this stall (#B4-54, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn tel : +65 6509 4555).

This was the Mountain Monster curry rice (with added "onsen" egg and cheese) which was good for two. Or more. Depending. The fried meats that they did were much better than I had expected while the shabu pork slices were much more mediocre than I was hoping for.  The egg was unexpectedly chilled.  In retrospect, the spiciness was really what kept the curry going for me. For without, became monotonous after a bit. While I won't be in a hurry to come back, I'm not against the idea of returning. Spiciness level 3 at this shop is okay, I can up a notch the next time.

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