Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bochinche, Martin Road


sea bream ceviche, tiger’s milk and sweet potato

Bochinche, provoleta
Provoleta, almonds and honey

Bochinche, argentinian rib eye
Argentinian grass fed rib eye 400g

Been wanting to visit Bochinche (22 Martin Road #02-01, tel : +65 6235 4990) for some time already and for some reasons, it's always been a case of out of mind from out of sight. 

As with the previous experiences at Salta with Argentine beef, the meat yielded noticeably less flavour than that what we're used to with the Australian/New Zealand/USDA imports. So while I didn't mind this , I'm not such a big fan. Especially when the bone marrow sauce on the side which was suppose to help was unimpressive to say the least. Their creamed spinach which looked like it was some spinach & cheese (in line with mac & cheese) was nicely done underneath the toasted cheese, flavoured by a hit of nutmeg. 

What we felt were more interesting were their ceviche and their Provoleta cheese. The former was lively with the citrus of limes on the firm but tender texture of the fish. All refreshingly chilled. The only bummer was the cilantro/coriander. What I'll definitely order again the next time would be their Provoleta cheese - rocked with it's milky saltiness, sweetness from the honey and the fragrance of the toasted almond shards.

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