Monday, February 02, 2015

Nasi goreng mutton masala and pineapple cheese prata at The Roti Prata House

Prata House, nasi goreng mutton masala

Here's another visit to The Roti Prata House down at Thomson for more plates of greasy goodness. This nasi goreng was pretty good stuff. While it might not be so apparent from the picture, the plate of fried rice was filled with very generous portions of diced mutton. This particular fry was done with the curry from the curried mutton so the flavours were all infused into each mouthful. It might not be the picture of a healthy plate of food but who are we kidding? We didn't come here to order this in the hopes of eating healthy. That's what other places are for!

Moving on, we scored ourselves their canned pineapple and plastic wrapped sliced cheese prata which was..... rather enjoyable actually. I liked it better than I had initially thought. It was the citrus sweet of syrup-ed fruit with the salty melted cheese together with the semi-crisp and chew in the prata that's the magic. One should feel free to eat this without curry.

Prata House,

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