Sunday, December 09, 2018

Re-visiting Blu Kouzina

Blu Kouzina, Dempsey Road

It's been a couple of years since the last time we were here at Blu Kouzina.

Blu Kouzina, watermelon feta salad

Had some refreshing watermelon salad with feta while waiting for the rest of the food. While this wasn't the first time we've had watermelon and feta, I've just noticed more of how nicely they paired up.

Blu Kouzina, spanakorizo

We had their spanakorizo a few years ago back at their old premise at Bt Timah. Enjoyed it. It was more lemon-y than I remembered it but that was about all that was different. I was of the opinion that the dill made this dish then and still think it today.

Blu Kouzina, sardines

Some grilled sardines that were pretty delicious.

Blu Kouzina, roasted cornish hen

And a roasted Cornish hen that had a nice chicken-y flavour zested up with lemon as well. The bird was reasonably tender and wasn't dried out.

Looking forward to coming back.

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