Monday, December 31, 2018

Meatsmith Western BBQ, Makansutra Glutton Bay

Meatsmith Western BBQ, Makansutra Glutton Bay

I was intrigued by this stall (#01-15G Makansutra Gluttons Bay, 8 Raffles Avenue) after reading about them because it was a venture by Dave Pynt of Burnt Ends and the name of the stall was a also reference to his other joint Meat Smith - both of which are from Loh Lik Peng's Unlisted Collections.

I hadn't been to Glutton Bay for years. I didn't think much of them the last time I was here. It looked a little better these days. Prices have gone up and it still felt like it's meant for tourists.

Before I digress further - this stall was neither Meat Smith nor Burnt Ends. While those represented higher end barbeque somewhat and the obligatory name dropping had already been done, one shouldn't expect a similar standard. It's a hawker stall in a expensive touristy spot trying to do better than the regular western food stall.

Meatsmith Western BBQ, salted egg chicken chop

The salted egg chicken chop was pretty good though. Not going to comment on the quality of the salted egg sauce beyond saying that it's not bad. The chicken was properly grilled with the prerequisite char aroma and some juiciness. Garlic rice was okay. Those sour that seeped from the pickled cucumbers actually elevated the rice. Too bad about the coriander. No idea why they had even thought that coriander would have made this any better.

Meatsmith Western BBQ, suckling pig

Didn't think much of their suckling pig. I wouldn't eat this again. Meat was a stiff, dry and tasted like it was prepared hours ago to be reheated on serving. The texture of the skin was more hard than crisp. Nothing like the properly done Spanish or Chinese versions. Glutinous rice was okay. I found myself missing the ones from Ikea while eating this though. My thoughts speak hidden volumes. *gasp*

Since Makansutra's review was pretty positive, I will only attribute this experience of the food as either inconsistency or incompetency.

Meatsmith Western BBQ, Makansutra Glutton Bay

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