Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shish Mahal, Albert Court

Apart from the ill fated attempt at located Gorkha Grill some months back (does it even exist anymore anyone?), Shish Mahal (180 Albert Street, #01-20 Albert Court, tel: 6837 3480) is our second foray into Nepalese food. Well - to be precise, this place does both Indian and Nepalese. We weren't too impressed with the chicken momo which was in many ways like Chinese steamed xiao long baos which are generally better tasting, juicier and better flavoured. I guess the melted fat in the latter helped.

We had an order of the garlic prawns which felt neither Indian nor Nepalese. The prawns were quite crunchy and de-shelled (yay!). Apart from that, the starchy sauce was unremarkable and the garlic certainly fell short of what I would expect from garlic prawns. I've definitely had a much better rendition at Mango Tree.

There wasn't much to complain (or sing praises of for that matter) about the tandoori chicken (which was quite tender), the boti kebab (some rather chewy lamb heavily marinated in a tandoori paste that left nothing of the meat's original flavour) or the chewy cheese naan; but the aftermath of this dinner left little to be desired for a return.

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