Saturday, June 28, 2008

Comically Lovecraftian

One of the curious sights that I was greeted with as I walked into this Hokkaido Fair at Isetan was a half man, half scallop in the midst of the bustling crowd promoting the dried and seasoned scallops that was one of the signature items of the fair. After numerous attendance, the boil of enthusiasm has somewhat simmered down for me. The offerings have somewhat become quite expected and very little is new. There's still a thing that they have against photography during the fair itself but "scallopman" obliged for a couple of shots.

Here's more of some of the stuff/loot I managed this time round.

Hotate pachi balls which had whole small scallops in them. These are better made than the usual ones that you find in outside. They're actually creamier and I find that scallions is a much tastier topping compared to bonito flakes.

A Hokkaido curry bun. Just as you may surmise, it's a breaded bun filled with curry.

There you go.

I forgot what these are called, but they're like Japanese pancakes and this one has a creamy custard filling in it. It's actually pretty good when you eat them hot.

As usual, some economically priced otoro from the sushi section. They tend to be better when there are Japanese fairs about. The usual ones that come up normally don't deserve to be called otoro.

These are sliced katsuo. I don't remember having had them before and the taste was a little fishy.

Ikura and sake sushis. As with the otoro, the salmon and their eggs seems better during the fairs.

This egg was from the croquette store. I got one of them because they reminded me of scotch eggs and true enough, the wrappings surrounding the egg were minced meat. They're so very tasty...

My favourite squido rice.

These otaru sweet potato are regular Japanese sweet potatoes that have been halved. The insides are scraped out to be mashed with custard leaving the the skin with some of the flesh behind like a shell. The shell is then filled with some custard and then topped over with the sweet potato and custard mixture. After that, baked. They're supposed to be eaten chilled and if you know of Japanese sweet potatoes, it's nothing surprising in terms of taste. They're quite good.

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