Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ramen Santouka, The Central

We seem to be getting a number of chain outlets from Japan that are opening up here. Decided to give Ramen Santouka (6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-76 The Central, tel: 6224 0668) a check out; decked in a hype dampener. The shop itself turned out a little different from what I had in mind after hearing numerous comments on the place. Apparently, many people have different concepts of what a small place is and most of them have navigation issues to think feel that the unit is cloaked in any level of obscurity. And for those of you out there who're doling out helpful commentaries on the accepted mode of payment, I paid by Mastercard.

This turned out to be pretty good. While I wasn't floored, I thought that it enjoyable enough that there's a good chance that I could be back. What was special about them was the ultra tender pork cheeks from their toro niku ramen. I had in the shio option for the broth. The thin slices of pork cheeks, served separately from the ramen were salty in a good way. There wasn't anything special about the noodles which I felt were a little too soft for my preferences. The rich broth was kinda nice, but sat in heavily after a while. I'll be hard pressed not to order the toro niku again should I re-visit.

This charhan shoyu set (fried rice and shoyu broth ramen) came with less soggy noodles than the toro niku bowl. I found this shoyu broth to be more enjoyable in comparision with the shio which became flat tasting after a while. The soft slices of fatty pork here was in it's own ways, pretty delicious and had an enjoyable smoky aftertaste. The charhan was just what it was. I tend to be favourably disposed towards fried rice so I thought it was pretty decent.

I liked their eggs as well. The komi tamago on the side wasn't too bad despite the fact that I was really hoping for a runny yolk. I guess I can forgive that since it was a just dollar which was half of what I was charged at Ken's which also, didn't have a runny yolk.


His Food Blog said...

I have tried the eggs and it was as bad as yours - for a dollar - its not even worth it!!

Maratuma, which in my opinion serves one of the better renditions, sells their Tamago for $1 as well.

HairyBerry said...

for me, santouka's ramen sorta fall on the saltish side. am looking forward to tampopo soon! woohoo!

red fir said...

hisfoodblog: yeah, but you wouldn't want to be slurping ramen coz of the ni-tamago. It's the ramen that ramenistas go for. :) For that, Sautouka triumphs.

His Food Blog said...

I prefer Marutama's noodles that come with an "al dente" bite. Coupled with the fact that their egg is runnier and the Char Siu that melts in your mouth, Marutama is still my preferred ramen place.

No doubt their soup base is not as flavoursome as Santouka, I feel that Santouka's soup based is heavier and oily and one will get "geluk" at the end of it.