Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ananda Bhavan Restaurant, Buffalo Road

Ananda Bhavan Restaurant, south indian rice meal
Ananda Bhavan Restaurant, Buffalo RoadHere's a South Indian rice meal and a onion rava dosai from Ananda Bhavan (Blk 663 Buffalo Road, #01-10 Tekka Central, tel: 6297 9522). In retrospect, the rice meal from Komala Vilas was way better. The rice here was dry, lumpy and harder. Komala Vilas had rice that was tender, hot and fluffy. The meal came with a spicy tomato soup on the side which tasted suspiciously like minestrone. In all, it wasn't too bad but I'm not enthusiastic about coming back since there are obviously better options in the vicinity. No complains for the onion rava dosai except for some chopped up bits of coriander in them. This dosai was filled with bits of onions and was tasty with the chutneys on the side.

Ananda Bhavan Restaurant, rava dosai

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