Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mini sliders from Barracks

This is actually my second visit to Barracks (8D Dempsey Road, #01-01 to 06 Tanglin Village, tel: 6475 7787 / 6479 9212) and I have returned mostly for their sliders ($22). The previous visit, I had a foie gras ravioli soup which turned out quite disappointing with a single wanton like ravoli that didn't taste like it had any foie gras inside. But that's not what this is really about; it's the sliders that take centrestage for this visit. These tiny burgers are great. Small thick and hearty patties with your choice of toppings along with the sides of truffle oiled fries and sugared sweet potato nibbles.

I like beef and burgers and generally tend to pick on the quality of the patties and the doneness of them. My unit of measurement for a burger quality is done in a very human way by the taste and heartiness. I like these sliders that I didn't even think to pick on the well doneness of the meat here. It tasted good the same. Well, perhaps, the blue cheese and bacon topping needs work on that blue cheese which was more creamy than pungent. No complains for the subtlety accented truffle aioli version which kept the beefiness of the patty intact along with a light buttery truffle flavor. Great stuff. I'm definitely coming back for them again another time.

Barracks does have a bunch of cakes that you don't often see in run of the mills cafes and confectionery. They're however, not always as interesting as they're described with note to the zucchini chocolate which really didn't taste like it had shredded zucchini. The apple cider and butterscotch cake wasn't too bad. Though I must say that the hot butterscotch was what made it good and there's really nothing of apple cider to expect in the taste if you're looking for that.

I recommend coming for the sliders and truffled fries.


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red fir said...


The sliders look nice. How much is a pair? Does the price include the topping mentioned or are there additional charges? :)

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey ice,
it's $22 for a pair of sliders before tax and service charge. The toppings are options that come along with the sliders, no extra charge for those.