Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Vines Seafood & Steak Restaurant, Novena

I should have trusted my instincts and avoided this place entirely (275 Thomson Road, #01-07 Novena Ville, tel: 6255 2838). I wonder why I rebel against intuition after hearing from others, but I guess it's a lesson learnt that this is the sort of place with food that I don't really enjoy.

To be fair, the oysters from the oyster kilpatrick was fresh. That was all that was really worth mentioning of the shellfish that was drenched in a mayo tasting cream and a rather small portion of some floss which I presume is to be passed off as bacon. There wasn't any real bacon at all. The mixed grill was also regrettable with a miserable thin slice of beef that wasn't done to an appropriate medium rare, a piece of dry and overcooked salmon and an overfried prawn. The portions aren't generous by any measure and I think I've had better for less at some coffeeshop down at Hougang. The lobster was just pathetic. Overcooked and tiny, it just has about enough mushy meat to fit a average sized prawn. Looking at the slip shod method in which the food is done, I would think that this kitchen has no pride in their delivery.

The service at the restaurant was very polite and prompt, but it's not going to make me come back again. Ever.

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