Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mango Tree, East Coast Parkway

There are probably a couple of kinds of mixed feelings that I get about visiting an eating place as an after impression. Sometimes, I leave without really knowing what's my final verdict on it and usually, it gets ignored and forgotten. Sometimes, I am clear about exactly what goes into the mix of that feeling. Mango Tree (Marine Cove B23, 1000 East Coast Parkway, S449876, tel : 64428655) is one such place and I've decided that even though I enjoyed some of the food and appreciated the genteel service of the restaurant to some extents, the chances of revisiting would probably be minimal. I have to disclaim that apart from the initial impressions of the dishes which consisted of both hits and misses, the location and cost of eating here is also taken into consideration.

I came to know about this place by the way of a heads up from Camemberu, whom has mentioned about this place which also serves coastal Indian cuisine from Goa and Kerala. I thought that it would probably be a good opportunity to check out what the seafood was about since I had missed the chance back in Spice Junction.

murg makhani

green mango curry

mango tree garlic prawns

mango and cheese naans

I'm taking a shot in the dark here by saying this, but I am presuming that the murg makhani (or butter chicken) was less creamy because this is essentially a southern Indian place or at least serves food done in their style. The thick gravy held a sharper tang since it wasn't masked by so much cream, but I think I generally enjoy the northern versions better. The green mango curry was something we decided to try out of the spirit of adventure and turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. The taste of the curry was generally quite mild and tangy with a hint of mango citrus while preserving it's creamy texture. There were pieces of the fruit in the curry which turned out soft (not mushy) like boiled potatoes. The whole dish was generally enjoyable since it was appetizing.

I thought that the green mango garlic prawns looked like a Chinese dish. The initial impression upon serving was disappointment. These prawns aren't large for tiger prawns and didn't look too vibrant. Fortunately, the taste was pretty awesome. Belying the dull steamed prawn look was flesh that was surprisingly firm and crunchy in texture soaked in a buttery sauce loaded with minced garlic. For $27, it was certainly quite pricey considering that it was just three prawns that were quite small in size.

The naans here are good because they were really light and fluffy. I really do mean freshly made, light and fluffy here. In fact it was so light and fluffy that we had to order a portion of basmati rice (pretty costly at $3.80 and didn't exude much fragrance) after two naans. The downside to these breads were the purported flavors. Apart from tasting slightly sweetish, the mango naan didn't taste like it had mango. At all. And I ate the most of it without any gravy so I'm quite positive of the taste. Likewise, the cheese naan didn't taste like it had any cheese baked into them. At all. This was seriously a bummer. The restaurant was kind enough to offer replacements, but we didn't pursue that since they were insistent that it did contain cheese.

I hadn't been in this area for so long that I had forgotten that restaurants here could be pricier like it is in town. I had ordered a glass of lassi without looking from the menu and it turned out to be a little smaller than the usual I've had before and it set my wallet back 7 bucks for it.

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Camemberu said...

Oh you went there already! Sounds like it was tasty but pricey.

Hmm, now I am tempted to try the garlic prawns. Have heard the crab version is fantastic. Wonder how small a portion it will be though.

Yeah the cheese naan is quite light in terms of cheesiness but it was still delicious, so I didn't mind.

Well as usual, desserts and drinks can push up the bill quite a bit. I thought their lassi was expensive too, until I recalled that restaurants/hotel eateries charge about S$5-6 just for soft drinks.

Thanks for the pics though. Interesting to see the dishes I have yet to try.