Sunday, September 05, 2010

Nantsuttei, Parco Marina

Finally gotten down to this ramen-ya (9 Raffles Boulevard, #P3-06 Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk, tel : +65 6337 7166). I've been curious about this joint since the time I read about them opening up here. Thinking to beat the novelty crowd, I had decided not to be in such a hurry to visit them like I did for Ippudo, but apparently the queues have not abated. It was a good thing that the turnover was pretty quick and this was really a good place for me. I might just have found my favorite tonkotsu ramen joint!

Overlooking the other options, I decided to just head straight for the maru-toku negi chashu-men which was really their basic ramen with additional portions for the negi and chashu. The rich creamy broth was lightly accented by the flavors of the black ma-yu, which was still to me a bit of a curiosity as it was more of a fragrance than a intense flavor for garlic that had been fried multiple times. Their slightly stiff slices of chashu relented after being soaked in the broth for some moments, absorbing some of that flavorful essence and having the fat turned soft. Resisting the temptation for more enhanced flavors, I gave the extra garlic options a pass this first time round just so that I could experience their ramen straight up as they were done. I might have gotten a little enthusiastic over the order and forgot my usual topping of egg. Still, these Hakata styled ramen with straight firm noodles have been a favorite of mine and it seems that I might just have found one of the best ones locally.

On the side, we gave their Fuufu Enman Gyoza (amusingly named Happy Couple gyoza by translation) a shot and it arrived slightly burnt. They were just small gyozas, albeit a little meatier than I was expecting.

Definitely coming back again.

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ratatouille said...

do give shin sapporo ramen at suntec city a try. let me know what you think.