Monday, May 09, 2011

Ramen and Tonkatsu Fair at Tampopo

So hear ye, I'm back at Tampopo again. And this time round, they seem to be holding up some sort of Ramen and Tonkatsu Fair which places a bunch of new items as the name indicates on the menu probably for a limited period. This trip actually came about through tip off from a friend about a certain foie gras tonkatsu that they had more of anything else.

For a start, we ordered up a serving of their steamed black pig dumplings which tasted very much like the Chinese renditions (hong you chao shou) with the moderated splashes of black vinegar and chilli oil. The smooth skinned dumplings were a little smaller than I had expected, but they were pretty juicy and flavorful of the fatty pork fillings that we were rather tempted to go for seconds.

The kani ramen was probably the only ramen item from this fair that looked interesting. It was basically your bowl of squiggly yellow noodles soaked in a starchy crab flavored broth that was filled with what seemed to be a pretty generous amount of shredded Japanese crab meat and Shimeiji mushrooms. I suppose that the extra portions of added vinegar and La You on the sides made it all tastier and easier to go down. That in effect turned it to something akin to Taiwanese mee sua.

The foie gras from their tonkatsu was subjected to enough of the heat that the fat from the livers had seeped into the pork creating an almost subtle heady aroma into the fatty pork from the first mouthful. I was initially hoping for the flavors of the fatty liver to be more prominent, but it turned out to be a rather balanced equilibrium between the savory deep fried crust and the gamey foie gras flavors.

If such a thing could be described by the word 'equilibrium'.

They had interestingly decided to include a wedge of lemon and sea salt on the side for those that might have found the flavors of the foie gras overwhelming. Those people shouldn't have ordered these in the first place, methinks.

All these were nicely wrapped up by their innocuous looking chocolate chiffon cake which tasted more strongly of chocolate than the milky hue of the cream suggested. If I had to describe it, it was both light and not excessively sweet.

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ah Teo said...

I think I like their cakes. ;o)