Thursday, May 05, 2011

Stall # 15 at Tanglin Halt market

To be more precise, this was stall #15 in the food centre just beside the wet market down at Tanglin Halt. A small food centre that actually had four cooked duck vendors.

If I were asked if this was a great roast meat stall, I probably wouldn't have come back with a boolean response. Great isn't what everyone is looking for all the time and mostly, good is good enough. The stall serves pretty good roasted duck, sliced diagonally across the grains of the meat resulting in tender slices of duck. With enough fat under the skin to render the flavors into each bite. The crackling of the roasted pork belly was crispy to boot.

A very straightforward and down to earth meal prepared by a proprietor that apparently will not be rushed into submission by the queue as he took his time with this knife to neatly arrange the cut meat, fanning them across the edges of the plate.

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D said...

You know what bro?
These are the posts that really put a smile on my face, the stuff i miss the most... a "simple" but satisfying local meal from a coffee shop or hawker center...hopefully I'll get a chance to drop by during Winter break to feast on the local fare once more!

p.s: love the little sauce dish on the side brimming with the sambal =)