Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lunch at Old Airport Road Food Centre

This foray started out with us looking for lunch down at Airport Road Food Centre (51 Old Airport Road) and being pretty much overwhelmed by the options there.

While wandering and wondering, we happened by a little bread stall (#01-43) at the back and saw that what they sold was pretty tempting. The breads were being replenished with small and freshly baked batches and they were sold out almost as fast as they were made. So lunch kinda started with a bunch of stuff which looked interesting and we ended up with warm tiny loafs with banana, hae bi hiam (dried chilli shrimp) and an egg tart.

Being freshly made, the breads were sweet, light textured and soft. My favorite has got to be the one with a whole banana on the inside which has pretty much melted and molten like those found in banana fritters.

Then we decided on a bowl of pork ribs and intestine noodles from Albert Court Prawn Noodles down that was located at the front of the food center, facing the car park. The thick bee hoon was unexpectedly al dente. That along with the prawn infused crustacean sweetness and chilli powder in the broth will bring me back for revisits in the future.

Walking off the bread and prawn noodles with a stroll of 60 seconds, the paths of our feet were drawn to the queue of Blanco Court kuey chup (#01-136). Took me but a few seconds to decide that it looked good enough with the pots of steaming entrails, meat and egg. If I had to summarize, the kuey which was swimming in a light and shallot perfumed broth was smooth and very comforting. Plus points to this store including having pork tripe on menu and hard boiled eggs that were truly infused with the flavor of the dark sauce they were sitting in.

Will come back again for more since they ran out of pig skin and tau kwa this time round.

While strolling down the stalls, we spied goreng pisang and made a note to come back for them after the rest of the food. They were not bad. I liked that the batter wasn't overly soaked with the grease.


ratatouille said...

good kway chup?

LiquidShaDow said...

Yeap, very enjoyable kuey chup. Had to queue a while to get it.