Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enoteca L'Operetta, Boat Quay

This place (78 Boat Quay, tel : +65 6438 2482) fell in my radar because I had learnt that it was the first and only place locally, that had achieved the Vera Pizza Napoletana certification from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. In plain speak and summary, it meant that L'Operetta had gotten themselves a stamp of approval for making what's defined as proper wood fired pizza through the traditional and accepted method that Naples considers authentic.

The interesting thing of it all is that in spite of the numerous Italian joints that have set up shop in this country, it was the Japanese (I'm still refering to L'Operetta here in case you got lost) that got this certification. Perhaps it might have been because the other Italian chefs think that the trouble was not worth the the results and that locals probably will not know the difference in any case. Perhaps, perhaps....

Going against the usual grain (pun unintended) I've decided to start with what I felt to be the most enjoyable item which we had instead of the usual starter to end items. The Mantecato al Minuto nella Forma di Parmigiano which was a parmigiano reggiano risotto made a la minute. The grains of rice was coated with the rich flavors of the creamy and salty cheese and this was probably the first of risottos which I've had that I pondered on seconds. That I did not have.

The pizzas were not mind blowing in any way. In fact, it was all was quite ordinary if decently done up. The tomatoes tasted fresh, but the mozzarella didn't taste like it was anything apart from the ordinary and the crust was a little more chewy than I had expected. Maybe I'm not missing that much out from Naples after all. Their Gorgonzola e miele turned out to be another bummer. The aroma was surprisingly good when the pizza was served, but the toppings turned up to be a mixture of Gorgonzola and mozzarella and wasn't even half as satisfying as the one in Benten Cafe. The spread of the cheeses were poor and the stingy drizzles of honey were plain sweet without the associated aromas of the nectar.

L'Operetta's signature starter is apparently an oven baked Hokkaido scallop which is described to be flavored by aromatized butter. Not that I could taste anything that I could have even remotely associate with butter. The cheese blanketed shellfish was cooked medium rare, pretty juicy, but I couldn't say I was overly impressed. The accompanying mushrooms stood out more in terms of flavors.


Anonymous said...

omg, the risotto cooked in the parmesan wheel, just that picture is enough to get me there asap :)

ah Teo said...

yes...that was the highlight of the meal.