Friday, September 02, 2011

Phaiboon Seafood, Bangrak, Bangkok

More Thai Chinese food again here in Bangkok and this time round, it's the localized home styled restaurant (598/3 near Soi Jomsomboon, Rama 4 Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, tel : + 66 0 2234 9568, 0 8504 70330) down a street near the old Mandarin Hotel.

The oyster omelette they served was a little different from the local variety. We get bigger oysters and a more sticky and almost viscous flour batter along with the crunch of beansprouts in a sizzling hot plate. This was quite delicious.

Phaiboon's tom yum goong contains coconut milk, but wasn't done in excess like the rendition served at Baan Khanitha. The flavors from this prawn laden soup were still relatively clear in spite of that addition. It was also a tad spicier.

We had a deep fried prawn spring rolls that married savory, crispy and not excessively greasy.

One of the signature dishes at Phaiboon is apparently their curry crab. This wasn't the conventional curry as many people know of it outside of Thailand. The viscous "curry" tasted only slightly spicy, noticeably sweet and was also quite eggy. Amidst other flavorings. After it cooled, the "sauce" congealed and became what I thought looked like otah. While I couldn't say that I didn't like it, the taste was quite singular in dimensions and did become cloying after a while.

The crab however, was fantastically fresh with the sweetness of the meat that shone in the mash of all the other flavors.

The stir fried kang kong appeared to be quite ordinary and I suppose in the style of the cooking here, doesn't come with sambal or belachan. It seemed at the start to be a tame plate of vegetables in garlic until we all hit upon the small camouflaged slices of green chilli (very similarly colored as the kang kong there) that exploded with a powerful kick. Pretty good stuff.

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