Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A briyani poori set

Komala's, briyani poori meal

It's been a little while since my last Indian meal so again, I've hit the rather convenient Komala's for their oil heavy vegetarian meals. This time round, it was their briyani poori set which consisted of their vegetarian briyani and a couple of the air filled puri. Nothing very unexpected from what I've gotten here, but I wished that they were more generous with their raita which made the rice go down a lot faster. That's not to say that the briyani was no good at all. In fact, the old Gardenia tagline on TV advertisements applied more appropriately to them rather than those generic white loaves.

My papadum was not crispy again today.


red fir said...

Great. Just when I am craving Indian! Dhal!

ah Teo said...

the pappadum was not crispy because it was next to the hot steaming rice.