Friday, September 16, 2011

Gindara teriyaki and others from Chikuwa Tei...

Chikuwa Tei, gindara teriyaki
I've been craving for grilled teriyaiki cod of late and remembered that it used to be pretty good down at the old Wasabi Tei. So this was the update of what they used to do down in Chikuwa Tei these days. Things didn't change very much for that. It still appeared as burnt as I remember them, but I think they might have overdone it a little this time round. The application of the sauce was a little sparse this time round but the meat was still pretty juicy and oily. The skin was remarkably crispy even though it was a little bitter from all that char.

Chikuwa Tei, chawanmushi
Grilled cod wasn't bad but it didn't quite satisfy my craving.

Chikuwa Tei, oyster kaki
Meanwhile, we had a bunch of other items on the side which included some pretty juicy and breaded deep fried kaki, their signature laden chawanmushi and an ugly looking favourite of mine, ankimo. The creamy textured fish liver drenched in ponzu and flavoured with scallions were nicely chilled and tasted exceptional this time round. Good stuff.

Chikuwa Tei, ankimo

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he left chikuwa tei months ago. follow him on fb at​exec.chef.peter for his next restaurant!