Saturday, September 03, 2011

Fireplace Grill, InterContinental Bangkok, Bangkok

Bangkok, Fireplace Grill
There were definitely encouraging signs that this place (InterContinental Bangkok, 973 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok 10330, tel : + 660 2656 0444 ) could be good from the start. For one, it was located conveniently within strolling distance from where we were staying. The ambiance was good and the menu looked like that of a serious steakhouse that didn't attempt to confuse with variety. Service was pretty sharp. They even had some superlative award on display right near the front door by Thailand Tatler for 2011. All encouraging omens right until the moment the food arrived.

Bangkok, Fireplace Grill, bread

The bread was ok. There was a small variety for selection and they came with unsalted butter. I would definitely have preferred the salted ones.

Bangkok, Fireplace Grill, amuse bouche
Amuse bouche was a shrimp with salsa. This was ok as well. Nothing much to talk about here.

Bangkok, Fireplace Grill, onion soup
Some of us tried the caramelised onion soup with cognac because it was listed as a signature item. There were even little symbols on the menu indicating that it was a food item that contains alcohol. When the soup arrived, all that fanciful description on menu was reduced into a pretty singular dimensional French onion soup with toasted cheese topped baguette. Not one of the better ones I've had.

Bangkok, Fireplace Grill, prime rib
The biggest bummer was their prime rib. The meat was a little to close to rare for a medium rare, suffered from poor distribution of fat and lacked flavor. Even on the caps and the edges where most of the salt and rubbings went. This one tasted pretty bland. The meat in the middle was a little sinewy and could not even be redeemed by the jus they had provided. Their crispy Yorkshire pudding and vine ripen tomatoes were safe to say, the best tasting items on the plate. For the first time ever, I've left my prime rib unfinished.

Wait, there's more....the creamed spinach they had one the side were merely boiled spinach in a cream sauce. Nothing like I imagined and tasted lousier than the microwaved stuff I've had on plane. In response, I'm giving this place a pass for ever. I had xpected much better for what they charged. You know, I had much better tasting roast beef at Javier's.


ah Teo said...

sounds bad huh...i think Hog's Breath should be better. :)

LiquidShaDow said...

Hog's Breath was a lot better!

Xtrocious said...

Safe to say I will stick to Lawry's when it comes to prime ribs :p