Saturday, September 17, 2011

Donna Carmela, Greenwood Avenue

So I've heard that this place (2 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park, tel : +65 6463 4206) is essentially run by the people that used to do Mama Lucia, which would explain the similar theme of having both Italian food and churrascaria under the same roof. The dinner had started off quite promising with their rich and creamy burrata cheese that was topped off with truffle oil and some shaven black summer truffles. They had both of them mutually accentuated the flavors of each other resulting in a heady and creamy concoction.

Their Gorgonzola risotto was actually pretty disappointing as I was expecting some unadulterated pungent flavors coming from such a straight forward dish. While it tasted cheesy, it lacked the stinky factor of blue cheese and it was actually saved by the serving of grated cheese and pepper on the side. I would think that for $28, one could be much more generous with the Gorgonzola. Sigh......

This was the bombette which was really strips of tenderloin rolled with Scarmoza cheese and then probably pan roasted. The result were tubes of flat salty medium rare meat which I had though to be something more suited in their churrascaria offerings rather than the Italian menu. While it wasn't bad tasting, it didn't come across as spectacular neither. And tad overpriced for what they had charged if I was asked.

We picked the white profiteroles (the other option was black) and the choux pastry turned out to be blanketed under a thick coat of cream which tasted suspiciously like melted marshmallows. The pastry underneath which was a little soggy, housed a rich chocolate cream in the middle. I actually liked this even though it was a little too sweet for my usual preferences.

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Xtrocious said...

You never try their churrascaria?

Wonder how does it compare to the 6th Ave one? hahah