Sunday, September 11, 2011

Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, Duxton Road

We dropped by Etna (49/50 Duxton Road, tel : +65 6220 5513) previously for dessert when we visited Inaho's Kitchen Bar and decided that we would come back for the food another time. The place looked sharp and fuss free. Very much like the old Al Forno Trattoria or Da Luca. With a focus on Sicilian styled cooking and pistachios on the menu.

Their focaccia with sun dried tomatoes were actually pretty good. The bread had a light layer of oil and was warm and moist. It was definitely better than the dried out husks that are used very often elsewhere.

Starters was their frittura mista. This tasted better than it looked for the prawns as most of the fried ends were so crispy that they could be eaten. The seafood wasn't over fried or over greasy. Their accompanying tartar sauce didn't taste cheap.

Margherite al Pistacchio di Bronte

We picked their home made ravioli stuffed with four cheeses and walnut stuffings because it sounded interesting with some pistachio pesto sauce. For the lack of a better description at this point, it tasted creamy and walnut-ty. I know the latter is not a word, but I think it conveys quite accurately, how the taste is. The stuffings of the pasta was very robust in flavor. To the point that I didn't quite remember how the sauce tasted like beyond the walnut and a generic creamy salted cheese. Like.

Risotto Siciliano

This was a very nicely timed risotto. I could smell the Parmigiano Reggiano wafting from the rice as they served it. The flavors were a interesting and refreshing blend of orange and the cheese which were truly balanced in a manner that neither overwhelmed the other. The rice was beady, defined, cooked and well coated in the flavors of the stock that made the dish. Enjoyed the slices of oranges and the generous amounts of fresh tasting and crunchy prawns. Like.

Dessert was a caramel cream. Very disappointing stuff which was sweet and boring. The drizzles of the chocolate sauce didn't quite rescue anything at all.

I don't think I'll be deterred by the dessert. I like this place enough to consider coming back again for sure.

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ah Teo said...

the mains were quite expertly executed although I know the "chefs" at work were probably non-Sicilians. Not a bad job for the risotto and I would definitely come back again but not for their desserts.