Tuesday, October 01, 2013

North South Cuisine (南北名厨), Beach Road

Here's another small shop (321 Beach Road, tel : +65 6299 3197) which I've possibly passed by on numerous occasions until today representing affordable frills free food. One of the cool thing about this shop is that they're open daily till past midnight so it works for supper as well. The food is mostly Chinese with a smattering of localized flavors that caters to the palate of the crowd that swarms this joint during lunchtime in the weekdays. One can even notice Thai influences in some dishes.

From the cold dish list, these were some thinly sliced pork belly with soy sauce and minced raw garlic. The sharp pungent garlic gives you dragon breath.

Following up was some thinly sliced beef in soy sauce. I'm not sure where it's cut from, but the textures were rather interesting and undulating.

We were debating over tan tan mian or zha jiang mian. The zha jiang mian won and it was pretty rustic and straightforward rendition. I meant that in a comforting positive way.

We ordered up too, a basket of juice laden xiao long bao that bursted in the mouth when you bit into them. These were actually pretty decent. The bursting of the hot porky juices in the dumplings was truly satisfying.

And pan fried guo tie stuffed with minced pork and vegetables that had a savory crispy base. Albeit a little greasy.


muchadoabouteating said...

I used to visit this eatery for their set lunch. Do they still have it? Love their nan ru zha ruo and man po dou fu. They do a decent guo tie too.

LiquidShaDow said...

Yeap, they're still offering that.