Sunday, February 16, 2014

Extra Virgin Pizza, United Square

mushroom bianco

spotted pig

grilled skirt steak salad

cauliflower romesco

United Square is certainly starting too look like a place where I can find myself heading towards for food. Even Ramen Bari Uma and Tamoya Udon have opened up lately. And the old yakiniku place at the corner has been taken over by Extra Virgin Pizza (#01-14, United Square Shopping Mall, 101 Thomson Road tel : +65 6247 5757).

The food wasn't too shabby. I don't think I would mind coming back for the pizza again. Their crust was a little thin, chewy and generally doesn't hold the weight of the toppings very well. And the spotted pig was generally a tad salty, even for me. Still, the things we had ordered were quite tasty with special mentions to the cauliflower that had a nutty almond capsicum sauce. Don't expect precision from the doneness of meat here. They generally just do pizzas.

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