Friday, May 06, 2016

Revisiting Jia Yan Restaurant

In the midst of chuckles drawn from the hilarity of the menu's English translation, here's some stuff we had at Jia Yan.

That's stir fried cabbage with dried chilli and a sauce that contains fermented beans. The flavour was not bad, growing onto us as we ate and the cabbage didn't taste as undercooked as it initially looked. 

This was some fish dish with salted vegetables which were buried at the bottom. The fish was I'm guessing, dory. The cheap and plentiful fish with poor crumbly texture that is commonly found locally. This didn't taste bad even though I generally don't like dory. But the texture was exactly the way it was, almost disintegrating as it was picked up with the chopstick. Those salted vegetable tasted like preserved Szechuan vegetables minus the heat.

Here be boiled dumplings (水餃) with egg, chives and little shrimps (三鲜). These dumplings were pretty juicy and the dominant flavour was the "green" from the chives. Or should I even describe that as verdant? o_O Not bad.

And yeah, we didn't want to skip the lamb/mutton. Some skewers and ribs of them infused with cumin. I needed to make comparisons regarding the skewers at this point. Those skewers in Restaurant Manchurian (满族全羊铺) might have cost 50% more, but were also better done in my opinion - not to mention that lamb was really their forte. Jia Yan does a smattering of what is loosely described as Dong Bei (东北) and Korean food.

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