Sunday, June 14, 2009

Al Forno Trattoria revisited


Pappardelle al Quatro Formaggi

Frittura Mista

the slice before the rest

Medaglioni di Maiale Pancetta

Bummer! They ran out of gnocchi. It was the thing that I wanted to have from here. What I liked about their gnocchi was that they were pan fried. That got them crusty before their rich four cheese sauce came into play. So we ended up with their pappardelle which was not bad at all. Thick cut and not over cooked.

The Parma ham on their pizza were sliced thicker than I remembered them. Could hardly eat the pizza without pulling most of the ham off. It was nice (also a tad pricier than most places) but not as memorable as the previous time I had them. Those fried prawns that came with the calamari weren't anything to be excited about.

What was also good were the pork fillets. Thick hearty chunks of pig (tenderloin) wrapped in more pig (bacon) in a brown sauce. Couldn't tell what was that sauce but it was nice.

This place was old school and also no frills which I liked. Discounting one particular service staff that had a smile that I found a little disquietly disturbing.

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ah Teo said...

pity about the calamari & prawns though...I am just surprised that the pappardelle is such a thick cut that it reminds me of ban mian without the floury taste. cheese sauce would have been greater if the blue cheese flavour was more pronounced. ;op