Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cod-dling up at Wasabi Tei

Wasabi Tei, gindara teriyaki

Wasabi Tei, gindara teriyakiNot doing any advertising for Wasabi Tei if that's a thought that's in your head but I needed to give myself a chance at their grilled cod which caught my attention the last time we were here. Due to probable inconsistency, it also turned out not as thick and large as I remember seeing them but there weren't any regrets. And yes, it did look quite charred, like their unagi and grilled chicken which were nice in that charred manner. I'm quite sure that many would have something to say about the quality of the cooking but it didn't taste as burnt as it looked. In fact it was fragrant on the outside while tender and moist on the insides. This was also an opportunity to try the cod in claypot which never fails to turn up on someone else's seat every time we visit. What we learnt was that at each seating, only 4 of these can be served up since it takes about a half hour for the cooking to be done. It was actually not bad. What you got from the hot bubbling pot beside from the fish was a whole lot of soft boiled cabbage, seaweed and golden mushrooms in a lightly sweet dashi broth. I'm not an expert on fishes nor do I order them very often, but I've eaten them enough in my life to recognize that these were pretty fresh as they go.

Wasabi Tei, gindara nabe

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