Thursday, June 11, 2009

Japanese sweet potato jelly cakes from Isetan

Got a box of them from one of the Japanese fairs over at Isetan during the weekends. I'm not sure why these things are called sweet potato jelly cakes since they don't resemble jellies in taste nor in appearances in anyway. The textures of these things felt like reconstructed steamed sweet potatoes that are chilled. It was as if cooked sweet potatoes were mashed, mixed with something sweet (just sugar maybe) and then packed back into these bricks. Despite finding them a little too sweet for my usual liking, they were quite addictive. There was a nice flavour of the sweet potatoes as well. I guessing that there wasn't much other ingredients that were used to make them.

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Sugar Bean said...

I've never seen this in Isetan before, but for sure gonna buy them if I spot them. Thanks for introducing. I just love Japanese stuff. :)